Currency Auto Binder


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The 1st Currency binder with Autoalignment function.
All in one type(2Pocket value counting+Auto binding)
Maximize business efficiency Through the pricise calculation and Autobinding.
5bundle/min. Bending Position-1/2, 1/3.
Bending wide- 30mm
Items Description
Speed Value Counting 5 bundle/min
Fitness Sorting Option
Dual Serial Number Recog. Option
Operating Mode Binding Mode A- Standard Binding.
Binding Mode B- Face for 1st and100th notes)
Binding Mode C- Face/Orient for 1st and100th notes)
Software Upgrade RS-232C
Interface RS-232C
Multi Currency Processing Max 6 Currencies
Electrical Spec. AC110~240V 50/60H
Dimension 410(W) x 388(W) x 572(W)
Specification Counterfeit Detection: UV, MG, MT, IR
Color TFT LCD Display (3.2\")
Options External LCD
Bending Position-1/2, 1/3
Bending Wide- 30mm.